SP T-Shirts (and other designs) now on sale!

It seems like every other web site you see these days has some kind of t-shirt shop attached to it. You\’ve probably noticed that. We noticed it, and decided we wanted a piece of the action. Well, mostly we just wanted some SP T-Shirts, but we figured why not try our hand at a few other things as well. Right? Right. As such, we are proud to announce the grand opening of the SP T-Shirt Shop, which will be available at any time by clicking the link over there on the right. We will hopefully be producing new designs with some frequency, and will announce them as they \’arrive\’. If you have any requests (more women\’s products, existing designs in different colors, etc.), please post a comment here, and Alex will get right on it.[1. \’Right on it\’ in Alex Time is a highly variable term, but he\’ll do his best.] Thank you for your continued readership and/or support of SP.







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