My Small Town

This is delicously cheesy… enjoy!







5 responses to “My Small Town”

  1. alex Avatar

    This makes me want to take my camera home one of these days and just drive around town…

  2. wadE Avatar

    We should do a montage of the old crusin’ routes… Plus do a much nicer montage than that one of more “classic Austin”…

  3. monkey Avatar

    I saw some passing mention of pork products, but no cheese. I’m disappointed, wadE… mmmm… cheese.

  4. wadE Avatar

    Sadly, the Cheese Spot in Austin closed years and years ago. However it was replaced by Aegean Cheese… which of course is also now closed…

  5. monkey Avatar

    Surely there must be a purveyor of pig’s milk cheese in Austin? Venezuelan beaver cheese?

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