Heavy Nerd Alert

Granted, you\’re not all Apple fanboys like me, but you might have noticed that they shipped their latest operating system (10.6, aka \’Snow Leopard\’) on Friday. Naturally, I\’ve been running it on a non-essential system (my work laptop, ha) since then. I\’ll post a little nutshell review below the link, but for those of you unafraid of a completely insane amount of detail that delves deep into the realm of nerdery, click away on what\’s always the gold-standard review: Ars Technica\’s.

The Ars Snow Leopard Review.

Now for the much less involved review – mine. Oddly enough it\’s web browsing that\’s buggy – had a few crashes so far, but I expect that will be cleared up with a point (or app) upgrade sooner than later, and everything else is as zippy as advertised. And of course the big win – Exchange support – so I can tie in Mail/Calendar with all my other mail and calendars. It\’s very nice.







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