Contains: Milk

Last weekend I was enjoying a nice continental breakfast[1. Truth be told I was trying simply to hold it together after a case of food poisoning, but whatever.] at a Holiday Inn Express.[2. And just to forestall that question, yes I did make a number of extremely intelligent decisions later that day.] As people are wont to do, I inspected the carton of milk in front of me, mostly out of boredom. The ingredients list happened to catch my eye: Milk, Vitamin A, Vitamin D. And underneath that a food allergy disclaimer – Contains: Milk.

Of course it contains Milk! It IS Milk! \’Milk\’ is the single biggest word ON the carton, and it\’s repeated several times! Are we really such an ignorant and litigious culture that we need this kind of horrendous intelligence-insulting CYA on a single serving carton of milk?[3. I know, I know, don\’t answer that.]

And don\’t even get me started on how the Feds are gonna start raiding garage sales.



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  1. wadE Avatar

    Yeah… the FDA doesn’t really take logic into account when the implement things… when they say that *all* food products must list any allergens this sorta thing happens… like a container of planters nuts stating that it contains nuts or is processed in a facility that also handles nuts… duh!

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