I should probably be more afraid of flying than I am.

\”Does anyone here have a laptop with wi-fi?\” (It was then that I developed my drinking problem. *Throws drink over shoulder.*)

Interesting blog post making the rounds on Teh Interwebz recently. Apparently some pilots in Newark, having been all jammed up due to weather, put out a call to the cabin for anyone with internet access. A willing passenger obliged, and the pilots used his laptop (although they needed help) to look at weather and file a flight plan to get them off the ground more quickly.

I don\’t suppose this thing is really all that out of the ordinary, and I like that the pilots were this proactive about getting things moving. Still, I\’d like to think at least one of my pilots can operate a web browser without assistance.



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  1. wadE Avatar

    I’d like my air traffic controllers to be a bit more on the ball and avoid stuff like this needing to happen… ridiculous </balky>

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