Wiki Degrees of Kevin Bacon

As I was checking something out on Wikipedia today I had a random thought about the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Could I get to Kevin Bacon on Wikipedia from the page I was currently on? Let\’s find out.

I started here: Stan Bush (a friend had send some random lyrics to me that matched up via Google to the Transformers song that Stan Bush wrote for the 1986 cartoon movie… but I digress)

From there I clicked on: Sailor Moon

Then: Beat \’em up

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the arcade game)

Bebop and Rocksteady



Toy Piano


United States

Coastal California



Movie Star


List of celebrities

List of actors

List of American film actresses

Marcia Gay Harden

Mystic River

Kevin Bacon

Whew! That took a lot more effort than I thought. And honestly I think once I hit Philadelphia that might constitute cheating because any post with a city name in it can get you to the world/US/California/Hollywood/Celebs/List of somebody who has worked with Kevin Bacon. So maybe I need to put in a rule where you can\’t click on a city unless it\’s Kevin Bacon\’s hometown which is… oops, Philadelphia… I really could have shortened that search up had I had know that as there is a list of people from Philadelphia. Ok, how about no using geography to hop up to the country level and back down to another country/state? That seems like a good rule, so in the above it would be legal to click on Philly as the where the Toy Piano was created, and then click on the list of people born in Philly. 10 wiki degrees to Kevin Bacon.

Anyway, give it a try when you have the time and post your path in the comments!

p.s. the closest thing I could find to this is a reverse of this game which while interesting doesn\’t seem nearly as fun.







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  1. wadE Avatar

    Upon further review I did find this:

    But they really don’t connect it to Kevin Bacon… which is far more fun.

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