Bachmann = Embarrassment

Michele Bachmann isn\’t as venomous as Ann Coulter, but the fact that the Sixth District here in Minnesota voted her back into office is frightening.

Bachmann\’s latest is harping on a story from 2006 and trying to loop in Keith Ellison (MN\’s 5th Districts representative, who is democrat, and the first Muslim elected to Congress).

Bachmann has become a darling in conservative circles and a rallying cry in left-leaning circles. I personally find her embarrassing and reaffirms some of my thoughts on those who reside in the northern edges of the Twin Cities.

However, there is one item in this article that really caught my eye:

\”Later in her interview, Bachmann didn\’t disagree with the host\’s assertion that Ellison \’is heavily involved in what amounts to a talent search for Muslims to fill jobs of some importance in the Obama administration.\’

Jauert said that Ellison has \’encouraged people of all faiths to get involved in government, to apply for jobs\’ and that as part of that effort, assembled the résumés of several young Muslims.\”

Replace \”Muslims\” with \”Christians\” or \”Jews\” in those paragraphs above, and I think people would be up in arms about it. I notice that Ellison\’s spokesperson says that Ellison is encouraging people from all faiths, but he\’s \”assembled the résumés of several young Muslims.\” Has he assembled the résumés of any young Christian or Jews… or Native Americans, or Hindus? I didn\’t think so…






2 responses to “Bachmann = Embarrassment”

  1. alex Avatar

    Yeah but wadE, everyone knows this country was founded as a God-fearing Christian Nation! [/asshat]

    Couldn’t agree with you more on the title of this post, and good for Ellison if he’s getting people at all, let alone of any and all faiths, involved in government. We need more variety at the top, not less.

  2. wadE Avatar

    I don’t know if you saw this, but now Bachmann is blaming Obama for the Swine Flu… something to the effect of “it’s interesting that this is happening during a Democratic administration”… Wow, I really can’t say anything redeeming about her…

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