Gambit… no, really.

I understand why people are upset over the bonuses that were given out at AIG. But really, in the grand scheme of things, this is a distraction.

These bonuses were contractual. Yes, you can argue that Congress should have prevented these from being given out when the approved the money the first time, but they didn\’t… in the words of Dan Barreiro: \”GET OVER IT!!!\”.

Also, while 165 million dollars is a lot of money, it\’s nothing compared to the 170 Billion dollars AIG has received. If my St. Zero math is accurate we\’re talking about less than one-tenth of one percent of the money.

Lastly, do we really want Congress to become a tool of taxing retribution? Any time they don\’t like something they\’ll tax the hell out of it? I\’m actually a realtively liberal person, but I don\’t like these moves, and I don\’t think the American people do either. If the Republicans could get their act together and put a muzzle on Rush and Dick, they\’ve got a good chance to make up some ground in 2010.

Let\’s put this aside and focus on some real issues… is that too much to ask? Thanks much!






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  1. monkey Avatar

    Not the first analogy that came to mind, but… orders of magnitude matter.

  2. monkey Avatar

    oh, and welcome back Gambit!

  3. wadE Avatar is highly underrated… esp. for math geeks like us…

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