Pardon Our Dust. . .

Howdy folks. We\’ve got the space monkeys (aka Alex) working on the latest and greatest site re-design here at SP. Things will be in flux for the near future, so just bear with us if you don\’t mind. Things to look forward to under the new regime: longer articles, the triumphant return of The Gambit, flashy video, shiny things, and various other doodads and thingamabobs that we\’re sure you\’ll like.

So thanks in advance for your patience, and please, watch out for the doozers. They\’re here to help.







2 responses to “Pardon Our Dust. . .”

  1. wadE Avatar

    oooh… doodads? I can’t wait!!!

  2. monkey Avatar

    I’m sorry, I got distracted at “shiny things” and missed the rest…

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