i\’m mean thanks to imeem

i discovered imeem.com last summer while desperately searching for a dashboard confessional cover of a weezer song (this one, if you\’re interested) that i\’d heard years before but wasn\’t available through itunes. i expected it to be

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a hassle– only 30 second snippets, a cost for downloads, annoying pop-up ads, etc, but found nothing of the sort. true, you can only stream the songs (vs downloading), but that\’s not unexpected. in addition, the site makes you register after a certain amount of free listens; however, to date i haven\’t received one e-mail based off of that registration. (plus, when you register, you\’re allowed to create custom playlists of your favorite songs.) from my experience, it\’s just like real.com\’s Rhapsody player, but without the pesky $14 charge. as one might expect, i\’ve spent a fair amount of time on the site, searching for and listening to music. not only have they never not had a song i\’ve searched for, but they also have a lot of live recordings that you can\’t get anywhere else. (particularly some good toad stuff here and here.) i typically turn everything good into evil, though, and it\’s no different here. \"\" for the past couple of weeks, i\’ve started imeem-bombing innocent bystanders. sort of like rickrolling, but with more variety. the steps are simple: 1. locate an annoying song. songs from the 80s and early 90s work nicely. 2. use tinyurl to camouflage the song and artist. 3. send to an unsuspecting friend. 4. enjoy their pain. some examples of what i\’ve dished out over the past week or so:

such fun! try it.



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