\”i cast a meteor swarm spell on your beguiler\”

if you count my college gig, i\’ve been in IT for almost fifteen years. when one is in IT for that long, there are a certain amount of assumptions that the general public makes about you: your stance on hygiene, on which floor of your mother\’s house you reside, if you\’ve ever seen certain parts of the female anatomy outside of a .wmv format… those sorts of things. oh, and people assume you loooove role-playing games. D&D, Doom, World of Warcraft, etc, etc.

while those first three items are legitimately in question when it comes to yours truly, i\’m by no means a gamer. i enjoy Tiger Woods Golf on my Wii, and certainly enjoy when wadE and chelle host gatherings where Rock Band makes an appearance. i\’ve tried SOCOM, i\’ve tried Call of Duty, but i couldn\’t get excited about them. there was likely a part of me that didn\’t want to like them so i didn\’t play into the stereotype.

right. so then this happened.

so, that\’s not geeky, right? since it\’s, you know, ostensibly about a sport? it\’s almost like i\’m outside playing baseball, isn\’t it?








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  1. alex Avatar

    Would a remark about finishing in 5th place be inappropriate? 🙂

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