That Guy and His Friggin\’ Hand

Welcome back to the NHL, Claude Lemieux. It\’s been 5 1/2 years, and you started this season in China. If you can manage to not get killed, could you do me a favor tonight and Draperize Alex Burrows for me? He\’s just a lesser version of you, and no one will miss him. I\’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

I do like the predictable way with which the Detroit paper starts their coverage of the situation. I\’m disappointed that they couldn\’t wring a quote out of Dino, though.

Seems like hockey, more than the other sports, leads itself to notable names wearing jarring jerseys late in their careers. Both Bobby Hull and Gordie Howe as Whalers? Bobby Orr as a \’Hawk? Ray Borque with the Avalanche? Just this year we\’ve already seen Shannahan as a Devil, and Mats Sundin with the Angry Sea Marmots.* Rumor has it that Peter Forsberg is mulling comeback #1,438 over in Sweden. We\’ll see which sweater he eventually puts on. I don\’t really have anything against any of this, it\’s just an observation.

Finally, just talking about Mats gives me a great reason to link to one of my favorite sports commercials of all time. The video quality stinks, but I wasn\’t able to find a better version. No matter, you\’ll get the idea.

*I hate the Canucks.







4 responses to “That Guy and His Friggin\’ Hand”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    a) while i don’t have your depth of knowledge of this hockey sport, i must admit to a similar weird feeling when seeing harmon killebrew as a royal, pete rose as an expo, and wade boggs as a devil ray.

    2) they play hockey in china? really?

  2. alex Avatar

    Agreed. Don’t be too hasty to proclaim my depth of knowledge, though. I only just today found out that Jagr’s playing in Russian now.

  3. monkey Avatar

    Oh, where to start? Maybe I’ll just put in that it’s extremely sad to see Bourque’s number hanging from the rafters at the Can. Ok one more: boy am I glad McCarty’s back with the Wings…

  4. monkey Avatar

    Ok, alex is the only one who will care, but here’s a quote from the turtle:
    “The Draper thing was blown out of proportion and something that shadowed a really good rivalry between two great teams.”
    What? WHAT? You pulverize a guy’s face by slamming him into the dasher from behind and it’s “blown out of proportion”? WHAT?

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