hello cleveland!

today\’s challenge: name the top five bands you want to see play live before you croak. (or, play again, if you\’ve already seen them.) the only rule is that the band must still be active today– as much as i\’d love to see guns \’n\’ roses circa 1988, i don\’t think that\’s gonna happen. stupid buckethead. anyway, here goes (in reverse order):

5. Pearl Jam / Counting Crows (tie)
4. Cake
3. Weezer
2. Toad the Wet Sprocket
1. Better Than Ezra

how \’bout you?







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  1. Eric Trondson-Clinger Avatar
    Eric Trondson-Clinger

    I’ve seen Cake. They stopped playing halfway through the show and made everybody wait for 20 minutes so the disco ball mounted on the catwalk could be fixed. It was an outdoor concert, so there wasn’t even anything for the disco ball to reflect light onto. They’re assholes in my book now.

    In no particular order, here are a few that come to mind: Bruce Springsteen, The Who (maybe. how many are still alive?), Prince, Man Man, Ben Folds Five (they played a one-time reunion show a few months ago, so I’m counting them).

  2. wadE Avatar

    Good question Wade, I think my list would be
    5. Gear Daddies
    4. REM (only if they played the stuff I like)
    3. Prince (only b/c I was told I missed out last time)
    2. U2
    1. Metallica

  3. anderswa Avatar

    that’s funny about cake. wadE (and maybe al?) can vouch to how douche-y toad was when they played at olaf back in 1994.

  4. alex Avatar

    I don’t know so much about vouching… I was [pauses… searches for word…] obliterated? At the time. I’ve seen Pearl Jam. 4th Row. They’re well worth seeing, IMO.

  5. alex Avatar

    Hmm… I was going to mock you, but this list is slightly different from the last hello cleveland list… so I guess I’ll give you a pass. 🙂

  6. wadE Avatar

    Toad was about as douchey as stopping the show for a discoball to be fixed.

    There apparently was some crowding up front at the Toad concert (keep in mind this is at St. Olaf, uptight scandinavian Oles do not crowd), so Toad (just like how Darius Rucker *is* Hootie) stopped the show to have everyone take two steps back. When that didn’t happen the drummer (who is approximate 1 inch shorter than Vern Troyer) started berating the crowd in an unrecognizable accent. Between the accent and the decade plus that has passed, I’ve forgotten what he said, but I recall feeling that Toad was the douchey-ist band I had ever seen.

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