270 to Win


Electoral maps for every United States election. All of them. George Clinton won 50 electoral votes in 1792. I believe he was a member of the Hot Funk Party.

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6 responses to “270 to Win”

  1. Nursedude Avatar

    The only way Sen. Obama can blow his Electoral College lead would be for him to hire Denny Green as his campaign manager. He would probably just have him take a knee until November 4th. (And that’s coming from somebody who considers himself a conservative)

  2. wadE Avatar

    Nursedude, I wish I could agree. This is going to come down to Ohio and Florida yet again… and mostly likely, just Ohio (I expect Florida to go Republican).

    Out of what’s currently left as undecided, Obama get’s NH, and McCain get’s the rest except for OH and FL.

    Obama needs one of those to win. I’m not sold it’ll happen.

  3. anderswa Avatar

    nate silver has ohio and florida leaning DEM, so i’m optimistic. how can you not trust the guy who invented PECOTA?

  4. Nursedude Avatar

    Ohio barely went to Bush in 2004. With the Buckeye state losing jobs and a formidable number of African American voters in Cleveland, Cincy, Akron and Columbus-to say nothing of increased first time voters…I don’t know, I think Sen. Obama would have to spend some time with Chicago Cubs to choke away this one.

  5. alex Avatar

    The results of the past two elections may also depend on your view of the legitimacy of the results from Florida and Ohio, respectively… not that I’m saying either was rigged; but sadly I can no longer say I would be surprised to find out that it happened. In that light, I wouldn’t be totally surprised to see the McCalin/Pain ticket pull a “shocker” on the 4th.

  6. monkey Avatar

    Echo-ing alex’s comment, Ohio was the little-discussed Diebold state…

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