A third-party candidate we can all get behind…

Vote for Zod. And then kneel before him.

I\’ve been waiting for his comeback ever since he got forced out of the Imperial Senate a long time ago (and in a galaxy far, far away).

Hey, it was either that link or the one from the monkey researcher about how he knows McCain is afraid of Obama based on primate sociology. . . . Oh hell, let\’s post that too.



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2 responses to “A third-party candidate we can all get behind…”

  1. Nursedude Avatar

    It’s funny, I was talking about third party candidates with my 21 year old son. He cannot stand Obama. But McCain’s decision to go with a MILF with a lean leadership background(although she has been “In Charge” of more things than the Junior Senator from Illinois) just floored him. He told me he could not vote for McCain in anyway because of his choice.

    Ross Perot picked the wrong year to run as a third party candidate.

  2. wadE Avatar

    on one hand I’d like to think that humans are slightly more evolved on an interpersonal level than monkeys… on the other hand… eek…
    anyway, I think the blinking is because he’s old and his eyes are drying out, and the not looking is a physical manifestation of him trying to marginalize Obama… but what do I know, I got a C in psych…
    As for MILFs versus Jr. Senators… a president doesn’t need have been “in charge”… our recent love affair with former governor’s occupying the white house has continually baffled me. A president needs to be a born leader and someone who can inspire and get folks from opposite sides of the aisle to work together. they don’t need to craft legislation, they have people who do that for them (whether it’s staff, interns, or lobbyists).
    Both Obama and McCain are capable leaders… I hate both of the choices their party has forced them into making for their VP candidates, but Biden is a better leader than Palin from all accounts (and not just due to length of experience).
    As I wrote separately, it’s about what issues are most important to you, and which candidate most closely aligns to those issues.
    For me, as a social liberal and fiscal conservative, I find social issues to be far more important. I don’t want to pay higher taxes, but I would rather pay more taxes for some programs I hate, than let another conservative supreme court justice get in. These are the deals we make with the devil…

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