Leftovers or Leftovers Warmed Up

\”Would you like leftovers… or leftovers warmed up\”… that\’s who I view this year\’s presidential choices put forth by the two major parties.

Here\’s a nice comparison by the Star Tribune. While the candidates do differ on a couple of major issues, the difference isn\’t all that stark, and the rest is a big bag of meh.

This is why much of America has become single issue voters… what\’s the point on the rest of it?








3 responses to “Leftovers or Leftovers Warmed Up”

  1. Nursedude Avatar

    In the end it’s a choice of voting for the skunk with one stripe vs. the skunk with two stripes. I put a level of blame on the overly long and protracted primary season. It is not about the best candidate, but who has the money-that is how Bush beat McCain back in 2000. Oh well, time to hold your nose and vote for the lesser of the two evils.

  2. Brian Scott Avatar

    Wow. I could not feel more opposite. I actually really like both candidates and am legitimately excited for Obama. I am not a huge fan of McCain over the past month or so, but in general I think he is a stand up guy and a great leader.

    So I would say I’m more optimistic for the next four years than I can ever remember being.

  3. wadE Avatar

    Brian, I think your judgement is clouded by the last 8 years of the Shrub… I have concerns that Obama is all talk and no substance, and the choice of Biden as his running mate just underscores that lack of experience. I like what he’s selling, I’m just concerned he can’t deliver.
    As for McCain, I may have considered him had he picked someone like Lieberman, but this Palin pick is obscene. She may have been the smartest person in Wasilla, and even coniving enough to be the best politician in Alaska, but her unpolished nature makes GW look like Kissinger.
    Much in the same way I’m a hopeful romantic… I’m hopeful for our political future, but not sold.

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