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hey, whaddya know. a website. /kicks tires

as you may or may not know, the yahoos that own and operate this website all have accounts on facebook, the social network site that one can belong to without feeling like you\’re a pervert (unlike its competitor, myspace). i find it somewhat fascinating to keep up with what former co-workers, college classmates, and high school friends are up to; not essential information, but certainly interesting. it also can be a bit of a time sink if i\’m not careful; however, now that scrabulous has gone away, there\’s much less risk of that.

one of the applications one can add to their page is called \”Compare People.\” when launched, you are presented with a series of questions in comparing two people from your network of facebook friends. (example: Who is more punctual? my choices include a former college friend who i haven\’t hung out with since 1996, and a former co-worker that i haven\’t worked with since 2001.) its usefulness is questionable. its ability to compel? high.

according to CP, my strengths (first place in my category due to % of wins when compared) are:

  • better taste in music
  • rather sleep with editor\’s note: woo!
  • better singer
  • better sense of humor
  • sexier editor\’s note: double woo!
  • can drink more


  • more artistic
  • happier person
  • am I more jealous of
  • more fashionable
  • a better smile
  • more punctual

interesting stuff. but not useful in any way. like, if my wife was presented with a \”who is sexier\” comparison between me and our senior pastor at our church (who\’s also on facebook), i\’d like to know what her answer would be. oh, and it\’s good to note that you are able to skip questions if you don\’t want to answer– helpful when presented \”who would you rather sleep with\” and given choices of one good friend\’s little sister and another good friend\’s mother-in-law.

where i\’m going with this… so, you occasionally get updates e-mailed to you about changes in your standings, how you rank in comparison to your friends, etc. all very meta. but, the other day, i got a message with the saying the following:

You are more desirable than 67% of 36,016,296 people.

i just… am not sure what to do with that. i mean, besides the obvious (\”nothing\”).

until i figure that out, i\’m off to decide who smells nicer– a friend\’s ex-girlfriend who i haven\’t talked to since 1998, or my brother-in-law\’s pregnant wife. 🙂







7 responses to “about face(book)”

  1. Explosive Bombchelle Avatar

    Can you believe I’m 13th in Best Mother (potential)? I can’t believe I’ve made it that high in the rankings!

  2. alex Avatar

    Wait, wait, wait, *I’m* listed as ‘best singer’ in my circle of friends, which I would presume includes you. How does this ranking thing work? Wait, ya know what, never mind – I don’t want to have to deal with math.

  3. wadE Avatar

    how accurate can these things be?
    in my network I’m number 1:
    rather kiss
    more attractive
    smells nicer
    prettiest eyes
    nicer hair (???)
    funnier… and 11 others.

    ranked lowest on:
    generous (ouch!)
    better sense of humor
    … wait, how can I be number 1 in funnier and 21st in sense of humor???

  4. alex Avatar

    It’s because we’re laughing *at* you… 🙂

  5. amy Avatar

    These emails are often one of the funny highlights of my week. This week, I’m #1 in:

    more likely to succeed
    more useful (wadE and i keep bumping each other off the top spot for this one, the meaning of which still confuses me)
    more athletic
    more well-mannered
    more generous
    studies harder
    better listener
    better dancer

    Chelle – mother potential isn’t even on my list… ;

  6. Explosive Bombchelle Avatar

    So, a bunch of people in my network don’t even have a first place berth in compare me, I think it’s because we’re all hogging first place:

    more creative
    would i rather take shopping
    more adventurous
    more fashionable (oh yeah, that’s me, right…)
    more likely to do a favor for me
    happier person
    more outgoing
    more trustworthy
    more popular
    rather have dinner with
    more artistic
    a better body (curves are in I guess)
    more powerful
    a better smile
    rather be trapped on a desert island with
    harder worker
    am I more jealous of
    more famous
    more punctual

  7. Nordberg Avatar

    Wade – it means, quite obviously, that there are 24,130,918.32 people on the planet who are less desirable than you. The remainder of the population is, by default, more desirable. Aren’t you glad you learned about this now? What if you’d gone another 10 or 20 years without knowing that?!

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