Patrick Henry would choose death…

So the basic fact is: the Government, somewhere in the executive branch, possibly even the Big Shrub, committed a felony by wiretapping Americans. Today, the legislative branch, led by the opposition party, covered it up. 99% of the media would rather not cover it, since it could someday be their corporate interests who will need the same thing. The same percentage of the citizenry seems not to care.

You could watch this video to have a slightly deeper insight as to what \”politics as usual\” did to this country today (and as always, h/t to Glenn Greenwald for the clip).

And for those of you who are saying that things will be different once Obama is in charge – that he\’s an agent for Change… he voted for this too. After as recently as October, when he said that he would always oppose it. Sounds a lot like business as usual to me. Maybe Barack thinks this kind of precedent could be useful to him as President. It\’s now a fair question to ask.

It\’s a sad day for \’Merica. I assure you that Patrick Henry is halfway to China right now, from spinning in his grave. Go read it for yourselves.







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  1. Becca Avatar

    Yes, I was, shall we say, less than pleased to see that on the roll call. At least our one Dem senator in Oregon voted nay. Me thinks Barack has some ‘splaining to do. Actually, ever since the primaries have ended I’ve been underwhelmed/disappointed. And so politics goes….

  2. Pastor Mark Avatar
    Pastor Mark

    Kara and I were grieved at the apathy and had to explain it to our Canadian friends up here. We share your sentiments.
    Sadly, neither of us were surprised at the Shrub’s actions and both the political and media complicity. When we look to the media it’s FAIR and Democracy Now – with Amy Goodman – along with Jim Hightower. Wherefore art thou Patrick?
    By the way, is Greta still a recluse? She’s in our thoughts.

  3. alex Avatar

    Mark – oddly enough just this morning she came down into the kitchen unannounced (and unnoticed by the so-called guard dogs who were napping on the couches), so she’s getting braver. She must have heard you bad-mouthing her. 🙂

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