Frustrated Inc.

As a founding member of simpleprop, and a prolific writer for the first several years, it actually pains me that my writing production has tapered off so dramatically over the past year.

The reasons for this are plentiful: loss of access to SP from work, increase in workload at work, General Malaise (code for \”sheer laziness\”), etc. Although if you graph out my writing output next do a graph of my general stress level over the past few years, you\’ll notice a stark inverse proportional correllation.

Regardless of the reasons, even when I do set time aside to write, or find a spare couple hours at work (like right now) I seem to have what is classically referred to as Writer\’s Block.

A popular solution for getting around writer\’s block is to actually write about writer\’s block (hence this post).

I have no shortage of topics I would like to tackle: Global Climate Change, Why Society Is In The Crapper (working title), ROWE, and Gay Marriage. And maybe that\’s my problem. Those are all big, heavy, mammoth topics. Perhaps I should start with some lighter fare to get things moving.

Thankfully my co-conspiritors here at SP have done a marvellous job of picking up the slack in the meantime, and I\’m grateful for their continued blathering, er, writing. Just know that I miss all of you more than you miss me, and hopefully I\’ll find a way around this and get back to form in the near future.

An upcoming road trip may just be the thing to spark my creative juices… ew, that just sounds gross… who comes up with these sayings anyway? Some of them are horrible.







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