It\’s-a Me! Sellin\’ you burritos!

Nice little find by a vacationeer in Acapulco. That guy in the sombrero looks awfully familiar…

It\’s-a Me!

No word on whether or not immigration is aware of the warp pipes.

(h/t GoNintendo.)

Late day post-script: Monkey passed this along, and it\’s too good not to add in.

Evil Red Wings owner steals cup. (Courtesy of The Onion.)



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2 responses to “It\’s-a Me! Sellin\’ you burritos!”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    are there any mushrooms on that plate? would it make mr. moustache grow to be twice his usual size?

  2. alex Avatar

    I still can’t get over Wario Lemieux. Gives me the giggles…

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