Holy Zarkin Frood

In case you missed it. . .

I would have preferred not to link to the giant game highlight video, but it\’s the only one that gives me what I want. Fast-forward to about 3:15 and watch the last five seconds of the game. Make sure to stick around past the celebration to watch the slow motion replay. I think I gave myself a hernia while watching it live. Now I think. . . and I\’ve never been quite clear on this. . . but I think the goal has to go in before time expires (as compared to the NBA, where the shot merely needs to be \’on the way\’), so I *think* that Hossa\’s last shot wouldn\’t have counted. And just hypothetically, but if that had happened. . . well, I really don\’t have the words to describe any of this. It was a good season of hockey-watchin\’, and congrats to the Wings.







6 responses to “Holy Zarkin Frood”

  1. NCTRNL Avatar

    “I can’t believe I shook that guy’s freakin’ hand…”

    The Red Wings can suck a hole

  2. alex Avatar

    I think the best part about that quote is that it came from Dino. Not that he was a dirty player, but I don’t think he won any Lady Byngs. Ehh. My main problem with the Wings is that they don’t exactly have a lot of personality. They’re spectacular, in a very boring kind of way. 🙂

  3. NCTRNL Avatar

    Yes…and he said it about my beloved Claude Lemieux…(at least he was beloved in the postseason for the Avs…)

  4. monkey Avatar

    ok, NCTRNL, I can’t let that one go, as I don’t know you and can’t read sarcasm so good. Them’s fightin words.

    I love that Cleary/Osgood reaction.

    Al, if ya don’t see the personality, you’re not looking 😉

    They are spectacular and it’s gonna be a long summer of *not* watching ’em. Jeez I gotta get back to frozen ponds…

  5. alex Avatar

    Well let’s see here… it’s either cheer for the team that used to be in your town (KC Scouts -> Colorado Rockies -> New Jersey Devils, and really, who would willingly choose to cheer for the Devils?), or pick a team nearby. And given a choice between the Avs and the Blues, I’d pick Colorado too. The bigger problem you’ve got in coming around here as a Wings fan is that as a North Stars fan you’re talking about an old division rivalry, so it’s hard to for me to speak well of Detroit. It’s the same reason that I have a negative reaction to the Chicago Blackhawks, despite the fact that they haven’t been relevant since 1992.

    And I know the bus has sailed, but I wish they’d go back to the old conference names. Keep the divisions if you must, (although how hard would it be to come up with two new names?), but let’s go back to Campbell and Wales. It’s not like they’ve renamed the trophies…

  6. monkey Avatar

    I’m with ya on the conferences. It’s too bland to have generic geographic names in such a colorful league (geez, you’d think it was being run by a non-hockey playing lawyer).
    Well, given that I grew up in SE MI, I can only forgive Avs allegiance to those in the Avs’ fan region (are ya listening, Al?). And isn’t St Louis in the same state as KC? Or is there a cross-state rivalry there that prohibits cross-rooting? In that case I’m ok with it.
    However, I have to call attention to the rampant ignorance in Avs fans, or at least those that went to Game 3 at the Can. Let’s just say that it’s bad timing to start a “Red Wings Suck” chant when they’ve just embarrassed you on two quick goals. Perhaps “Lets Go Avs” would be more appropriate…

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