Called Shot

Well. That\’s a new one on me.

Towards the end of the 2nd OT, Petr Sykora* told the rinkside commentator that he was going to score the winning goal. He then went out and took a penalty. But then in the middle of the 3rd OT, he scored it. Can\’t say I\’ve seen anything like that in hockey before. I\’m sure quite a bit of that has to do with the fact that putting a commentator in between the two benches is a development that came about in the last five years. Still. Hockey players generally don\’t do that, since the odds of being the one player in forty who actually scores is. . . well I was informed there would be no math. Anyway, it was pretty damn cool.

*Unlike Peter Bondra, he\’s resisted the urge to buy the vowel.

Gotta love the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the potential for these insanely long games. Tonight\’s was only the sixth* in SC Finals history to hit the 3rd OT. Interestingly, in the one that went the longest, the game winning goal was scored by a man named Klima. First name, Petr. What\’s in a name, eh?

*You might hear it\’s the seventh such game. I say Brett Hull\’s skate is still in the crease. Thus, that game has technically not ended, and does not exist. I will not let this go.

Anyway, Game Six on Wednesday night in Pittsburgh. Should be exciting.







5 responses to “Called Shot”

  1. NCTRNL Avatar

    You’re damn right his skate was in the crease. God I hate Brett Hull…

  2. wadE Avatar

    Agreed on the skate…

    Also, when the Red Wings took the lead I gave up on the game… I’d rather see the Yankees win another World Series than see the Red Wings win another Stanley Cup.

  3. anderswa Avatar

    wait, hockey is still going on?

  4. monkey Avatar

    gah! I step away for a few weeks and *this* comment stream happens? slow head-shake…

    My favorite part of the Sykora thing is how sheepish he was after the game. He pretty much apologized for making a stupid offhand comment about him scoring.

    agreed on the skate…

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