The Life of an Old Nerd

So I\’m doing my daily browse of internet-land, trying to keep up with what\’s new, or at least relevant, in the Mac world, on the outside chance that I might someday have a job in the industry again. And I come across an update for an app called Sparkle. Cool little app – lets developers make updating their software easier on their users. Definitely a good thing.

But in the back of my mind I\’m thinking Yeah, but I think I\’ve used Sparkle before, and that\’s not at all like most of the computer work I\’ve done in my career. So… quick browse deeper into the internet and sure enough:


Released in 1998. Requires Mac OS 7.5. That\’s ten years and three operating systems ago. I\’m old. And nerdy.







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  1. anderswa Avatar

    i don’t think i ever got to OS 7.5 on the performa 6115. i *do* remember buying a new 350 MB hard drive for it in the fall of ’97 (only $200!) and wondering why anyone would ever need that much space.

    right there with you on the old and nerdy bit.

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