Friday Field Trip! (With Pictures!)

It\’s Friday, it\’s almost summer vacation time, and I\’m unemployed. So what better to do, than go on a field trip! And do I ever have a special field trip destination for you, dear readers. That\’s right, I went to: Wades Supermarket! No, really. I did. Southwest Virginia\’s finest locally owned and operated chain of food stores. If you\’re not too afeared to learn more, jump with me. Ideally what I was hoping to come away with today, was a non-perishable item which could be safely shipped or returned to MN at some point as a gift to my pleasantly named colleagues at this site. Sadly, there were no Wade brand colas, baked beans, faux luncheon meef, or anything else that would have fit the bill. The best of what I did find is hands down Mrs. Wade\’s Kitchen to Go Brand Beans and Franks (or, if you\’re a cheapskate, or on a budget, you can pay a bit less for the Kraut and Franks). Sara, Michelle, feel free to fight for the . . . ahem . . . honor of that brand if you\’d like. I\’ll understand if you don\’t. A close second place, however, would have to go to Wades Ham Salad. That right there is three words in the English language that go together like a horse and carriage. (Flush.) Moving ever deeper into the store, I came upon the greatest sign in the history of signs. Really. I think it would be appropriate to hold a contest in the comments section of this post to see who can make the best joke out of that sign. Fire away. As for me, I was not tempted by anything the sign had to offer. It was at this point that I figured I\’d taken enough pictures that Karma dictated that I must at least make some purchases in the store, or face a fair amount of wrath. As a pleasant surprise, Wade\’s did carry a couple of items that I\’ve had a tough time finding in the other local foodways. So that was nice. One thing I did notice while checking out was that each register had a truly vintage old Apple

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monitor for your viewing pleasure. Who says the Mac isn\’t out there in the corporate world? I did procure what purport to be Virginia\’s Finest Ripple Chips. Seems like a modest claim – not even the state\’s best potato chip, Gary has limited himself to the Ripple Chip sub-genre. I\’ll let you know what kind of stake his claim

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has when I get around to opening the bag. Not pictured, but I did also buy a cinnamon roll from the Wade\’s Bakery. It was tasty. I mean, I\’m sure it\’s no Big Texas Cinnamon Roll, but then what is? I hope you\’ve enjoyed taking this fun Friday Field Trip with me. I realize here at the end that I do have a non-perishable item that I could save for future considerations. The bag. Who wants it? 🙂



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7 responses to “Friday Field Trip! (With Pictures!)”

  1. wadE Avatar

    dibs on the bag!!!

  2. ed Avatar

    Speaking of grocery stores, Alex, you’re gonna want to be on the lookout for a Wegman’s. Best. grocery. store. ever. Looks like there aren’t any around you (bumblef*xk, VA), but they may be expanding down that way.

  3. wadE Avatar

    I don’t know what is funnier… the gross non-use of apostrophes… or the smiley face on the reduced meat.

    just fannn-tastic…

  4. Mandy Avatar

    Exactly…it’s safe, because there’s a smiley face! E. coli doesn’t smile…therefore, you’re safe to enjoy reduced-price meat!

    (Remember the Un-Smiling Moose sign from when they shut down the Smiling Moose in Rochester? That was the best.)

  5. Explosive Bombchelle Avatar

    Okay, seriously, I’m sick and tired of being called Mrs. Wade. It’s not Mrs. Wade’s kitchen, it’s Ms. Michelle’s kitchen dammit.

    The south so hasn’t caught up with the women’s liberation thing.

  6. anderswa Avatar

    hey, at least nobody is referring to you as “wade doris.” not yet, anyway.

  7. wadE Avatar

    Umm Chelle… in this case “Wade” is the last name… so it would be Mrs. Wade… assume she took her husband’s last name. *ducking*

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