where all the lights are bright

aaaah, downtown. how i\’ve missed you. the reasons are numerous, but here\’s one of my favorites: watching people nearly get schmucked crossing the streets that intersect nicollet ave. well, okay, that\’s just a side benefit.

for as long as i\’ve been here (both before leaving and now that i\’m back), i\’ve tried to get out each day for a post-lunch walk up and down nicollet mall. it clears my head, it\’s exercise, it\’s fresh air, and– mostly– it\’s incredibly interesting. for example, i see more (as much as i hate this word) diversity in one block than i did for 18 months at the UHG corporate HQ. beyond the scads of office workers , there are beggars. there are street musicians, some of whom are great (an a capella version of \”this little light of mine\”) and not so (someone just randomly banging a tambourine against his knee). there are people who are people who talk to themselves, without the \”excuse\” of a bluetooth device. why wouldn\’t i try to get out and experience it?

my route takes me from 5th street down past 12th, in the peavey plaza / brit\’s / hyatt vicinity, then back. that gives me multiple opportunities per day to witness the following:

1) the traffic signals change, allowing vehicles to cross nicollet. pedestrians stop and obey the \”don\’t walk\” sign.

2) pedestrians who are paying attention correctly judge that they can cross the street– against the light– without getting whacked by a car.

3) pedestrians who aren\’t paying attention see others crossing the street, so they incorrectly judge that it\’s safe.

4) the fun begins.

it\’s especially entertaining to watch the latter, foolish group of pedestrians give the stare-down to drivers that they walk in front of. how dare they want to drive through an intersection when they have the green light to do so?

ok, so after re-reading this, maybe you need to see this situation in action for it to be actually entertaining. but, for me, it\’s just part of the fun of being back downtown.







3 responses to “where all the lights are bright”

  1. wadE Avatar

    I know why you take those walks downtown… it’s for the “yeah babies”… you… you and your ulterior motives… you aren’t fooling anyone!

  2. alex Avatar

    I thought the lights were bright on Broadway . . . or must they be neon?

  3. wadE Avatar

    Downtown, things will be great when you’re…
    Downtown, no finer place for sure…
    Downtown, everything’s waiting for you…

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