i tell myself for the thousandth time / today i start to live right

author\’s note: the primary audience for this post is myself; the kind of thing that i want to actually write down in the hopes that it helps with self-accountability. if you\’re bored, hey, by all means come along.

we watched juno last week. overall, an excellent flick; i highly recommend it. i really enjoyed the dialogue. it wasn\’t sorkin-like, mind you, but it was better than one usually sees in entertainment. anyway, at one point, juno\’s dad (played excellently by j.k. rowling, by the way) looks

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up at his pregnant daughter and says: \”Hey there, big puffy version of Junebug!\” funny stuff.

the next morning, as i was shaving, i looked at myself in the mirror and echoed: \”Hey there, big puffy version of Wade!\” less funny, but no less true.

let\’s back up just a bit. i grew up as the fat kid. it\’s actually good in that it helped me develop some fairly thick skin (figuratively) as well as a good sense of humor– if people are going to laugh at me, it\’s going to be on my terms. i was incredibly happy, though, when i lost 60+ pounds between may 1997 and march 1998. (even though i didn\’t really do it in the wisest of ways.) regardless, i maintained a pretty healthy weight for 5 years or so. and then things started to creep up. up up up. i weighed myself over the weekend and while i won\’t share exact figures, i\’m well beyond the threshold of \”oh, crap, i gotta do something about this.\”

and i knew it was happening, of course. it\’s not like you can add twenty pounds over a period of three years or so without being aware that it\’s happening. i\’ve employed pretty much every excuse you can think of: spending time with kids instead of exercising, stressful job leading to too many trips to the liquor cabinet, needing to cook more \”kid friendly\” food vs. healthier alternatives, being too tired to do anything but sit on my chair and watch tv at night, the local chinese place having amazing chicken fried rice. and i\’ll grant that there\’s *some* legitimacy to *some* of those, but not enough to stop eating wisely and exercising completely, which is pretty much what i did.

well, that\’s changing. i entered into a little contest today with a goal of losing 7% of body weight in twelve weeks. and while that\’s a good goal, that won\’t be it. i\’m going for where i was at ten years ago by the time we go to europe in september. aggressive? sure. because i\’ve done it before, so i know how to get there.







5 responses to “i tell myself for the thousandth time / today i start to live right”

  1. alex Avatar

    Right there with ya, ya big lug (umm… said affectionately, of course). I no longer own a scale, so I can’t put a number to what I estimate as being on the lower threshold of an unhealthy weight. Still, I’ve gone about a year without regular exercise, and I’ve eaten worse, so I’ll join you in your quest to turn things around. As someone who gradually went from 230ish to 180ish, I can definitely attest to feeling better when more fit. My only word of advice: lift weights. You’ll get (relatively) quick results, and muscle burns more calories. Unfortunately, I’m gonna have trouble with that one, since I don’t own weights, and don’t have a gym membership at the moment. I guess I’ll do pushups. I hate pushups…

    Still. Good luck!

  2. Jake Avatar

    Hold on… Wait, wait…

    the Harry potter author’s starring in movies???

    Who’s the dad again?

    ah. thanks IMDB. JK Simmons…

    jebus. like that chick doesn’t have enough money, she needs to start cross dressing and acting as a ornery ex-military dude…

  3. alex Avatar

    P.S. Thanks *so* much for getting that song into my head. Jerk.

  4. Explosive Bombchelle Avatar

    I’m having a really bad deja vu moment, not in the Brown Derby or Rick’s Caberet sort of way, but in the way where I swear I have written a response to a post like this before and am now concerned that I am supossed to say something amazing and profound due to this deja vu moment.

    Anyhoo, I am trying to write/compile notes on my non-diet diet that I have followed since January. Since I am not allowed to “diet” anymore without evil words from health coaches and doctors on the dangers of a dieting with an eating disorder I had to find a new way of getting into my size 14 calvins.

  5. anderswa Avatar

    for what it’s worth: week one, 3.9 pounds. granted, this was before yesterday’s picnic / meat and dorito orgy. 🙂

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