A New Toy

So I did a little splurging for myself recently, in anticipation of being stimulated. Economically, of course. I went out and bought myself a cheap wide-angle lens for my camera. Not that it doesn\’t work well, but it is also cheap. Whatever.

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Turns out, it\’s also a fisheye lens (maybe they all are, I really have no idea). However, since I\’ve been too lazy to go outside and use the wide-angle (in my defense, it\’s also been cloudy), I thought I\’d stay in and use the fisheye on my favorite willing test subjects. (They\’ll do anything if it\’s close to feeding time and we stay in or near the kitchen. Come to think of it, they\’re a lot like me that way.) So that\’s been fun. And since I\’ve got you here, and we\’re on the subject of pictures, I mentioned Flickr the other day. I went ahead and ponied up the cash for a full-featured account, so I might as well use the heck out of it. My main photos page is here, and I\’m working on integrating it into the subsidiary blog, which in theory I hope to have back to full production soon, but in reality we\’re well past the stage in which I\’ll promise anything with regards to full time writing. So we\’ll see. Anyway. Yeah. I\’m actually hoping to take a photography class or two once I get settled down a bit, and then I\’ll be back and y\’all can grade my work. Something like that…







2 responses to “A New Toy”

  1. wadE Avatar

    Nice (accidental) score on the fisheye lens. To answer your question, a wide-angle lens is different than what you have. However, the fisheye is great to have. Great for group pics from a little distance. Gives a festive look to pics (0.0). Chelle can probably fill you in more on this though…

  2. alex Avatar

    Yeah that shows you what kind of attention I paid – it’s listed on Amazon as a fisheye first, and a wide-angle second. It does function as a bit of a wider angle when zoomed in, so I don’t feel taken (not to mention that I’ve spent 30 bucks on far, far less). I’m sure I’ll break down at some point and get a true w-a…

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