As though Gretzky didn\’t look out of place enough in that Blues Jersey…

The year was 1996. The Quebec Nordiques Colorado Avalanche were on their way to winning the cup. Dino Ciccarelli was soon to express disbelief over a handshake. We were soon to see the last true playoff \”white out\”. Residents of Florida were soon to take up the throwing of plastic rodents. And amidst all the oddities, in January of that year, St Louis Blues coach Mike Keenan would make the sanest decision in all of sanity. He would prevent his team from taking the ice wearing this monstrosity:

Click here. If you dare.

Yes, it was to be one of the fabled 3rd Jerseys, a true marketing extravadanza. I\’m glad we don\’t have to live with pictures of #99 in one of those.

(Hat tip to ESPN\’s page 2 (and presumably Mr. Uni Watch) for the find.)



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8 responses to “As though Gretzky didn\’t look out of place enough in that Blues Jersey…”

  1. monkey Avatar

    Ok, that jersey hurts the eyes, but this one boggles the mind too:
    watchoo grabbin’ Mark?
    (and how did you *not* single that one out of the bunch?)

  2. alex Avatar

    Unfortunately, I’d actually seen that picture before. The jersey was new news to me…

    And now I will have to try and repress that image all over again.

  3. monkey Avatar

    Well it was either new to me or I’m rather good at repressing. Either way, it was a shock. And frankly I’m still trying to put the picture in words. Can’t.

  4. wadE Avatar

    wait wait wait… yes, the jersey sucks, but how could no one have commented on “Cool Cat – the blues’ would-be mascot”

    think he’s related to MC Skat Kat?

  5. alex Avatar

    I was waiting patiently for Wade to make that joke, since he’s the only one of us who owns an MC Skat Kat album… but I guess his new job is taking up too much of his time. 🙂

  6. monkey Avatar

    Wait — Wade you *own* an MC Skat Kat album? And you haven’t done an album review?

  7. anderswa Avatar

    they call me skat kat. the dance floor maniac. a move of my hips is like an aphrodisiac. (no, i didn’t need to google that.)

    btw, uni watch is in the regular reading rotation for me– always entertaining.

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