Seeing as how I\’ve actually purchased two CDs released this calendar year*, I figure the least I can do is write up a couple of quickie reviews for all y\’all (shut up – I live in The South now). So skip on past the break if you\’re interested in hearing about the Counting Crows\’ Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings and/or The Black Crowes\’ Warpaint.

*This is a lie in that I don\’t really recall the last time I bought a physical CD. (I downloaded these two on iTunes.)

Counting Crows: Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings

If you\’ve liked either of the Crows\’ last two albums, you\’ll find something to like here. No, it\’s not the revelation of August…, nor the reinvention of …Satellites, but it\’s probably time we stopped expecting either of those (although I\’m willing to be pleasantly surprised someday). This album, their first since 2002, is solid. Honestly, I haven\’t listened to it enough to say any more than that, as it\’s always taken multiple listens for me to really get into their stuff. That said, early favorite tracks include: 1492, Cowboys, Washington Square, and Le ballet d\’or. What else can I say? Unless you\’re new to the Crows, in which case pick up both of their first two albums, you\’ve already decided whether or not you like \’em – if you do, get this album.

The Black Crowes: Warpaint

A brief search seems to indicate that this is their first album since 2001, and seventh overall (and for full disclosure, I own neither the fifth nor sixth, nor have I really listened to the third or fourth. Heh). In addition, it appears that both Chris and Rich Robinson (singer and guitarist, respectively) have put out solo albums in that time. Anyway. So I have no idea how this album relates to anything they\’ve done since the early 1990s. That said, I like it. Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution has been getting some radio play out here, and holds its own with my favorite tracks from their first two albums. Much like the Counting Crows, if you like the Crowes, it\’ll be pretty hard for you not to like this album.







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