Trivial Baseball

If you\’ve been keeping up with the Twins lately, you\’ll have noticed that Carlos Gomez hit for the cycle this week. There was plenty of chatter about it being the first cycle for the Twins since Kirby Puckett did it in 1986. But there\’s more. Plenty more. Howard Sinker, who runs his own blog for the Strib, and who was the Twins beat writer at the time, uncovered his old game story for the paper. Turns out, that was the same day that Bert Blyleven notched strikeout number 3,000. I didn\’t see Go-Go\’s cycle live – did Bert mention this little fact on the air? I saw the next game, and I don\’t remember a word being said about it. Also, if you look closely at the game story from 1986 – Billy Beane was there. Yes, that one. And now this is completely unrelated, but I caught part of the Pirates broadcast last night and I didn\’t realize that Steve Blass is their analyst. I was kind of surprised to hear him talk extensively about some times when his stuff was un-hittable, since I had really only heard of him as the previous generation\’s Rick Ankiel. So naturally I looked him up – yeah, he had some great years there. Too bad he lost it too. I\’m

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View Larger Map And finally, since I brought up The Rick, if you haven\’t seen this yet, you really should. (Video, SFW.)







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