fool\’s gold

i return from my daily morning coffee trip to find a voicemail waiting from sara. not unusual. i check it, and nearly spill my beverage– KARE 11 apparently just broke into the Today

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show, with coverage of the metrodome roof having caved in due to last night\’s heavy snow. my mind raced– was anyone doing batting practice? would future games be rescheduled– most importantly saturday\’s? (a bunch of us are going.) knowing the roof collapsed due to heavy snow in 1983 made the story seem completely plausible, and i checked a bunch of local news websites in an effort to get more detail. nobody had anything yet, so i asked several co-workers if they\’d heard anything. again, nothing. i finally call sara back to see if there is any more news, and get this response: \”april fool\’s!\” i certainly am one.







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  1. alex Avatar

    Well done, Sara.
    Did you use Google’s new “go back in time and send email” feature to get her back? 🙂

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