You asked for it…

I can see it now… April 5th, 2010. Opening day for the Minnesota Twins coming off of their promising 87 win 2009 season.

But… opening day at the new ballpark will have to wait because there is 7 inches of snow on the field, and it\’s still coming down.

Now April snow isn\’t a guarantee in the frozen tundra, but it certainly isn\’t unheard of either. Nor is a month of solid rain (anyone remember June of 2004 when there were two days it didn\’t rain?).

Not putting a roof on the new Twins stadium (I boldly predict) will be a huge mistake.

Of course a bigger mistake would be for the great State of Minnesota to foot the bill for it.

Ah well, it\’ll just make for a lot of double headers… nothing wrong with 6 hours of baseball (or drinking).







3 responses to “You asked for it…”

  1. alex Avatar

    Totally agreed. I think if it becomes an issue where the team is losing money, then they’ll pay for the roof (that’s the optimist’s view – if the pessimists win, then the team will extort a roof).

    I think what you’ll see starting in 2010 are more opening day series for the Twins in places like LA or Oakland, and then a token home opener more around the second week of April. And then everyone will just cross their fingers should there be October baseball.

  2. Explosive Bombchelle Avatar

    So long as the Vikings don’t go for an open stadium. Yes the team was more rugged when they played outdoors but there is just no way I will sit for 4 hours in the kind of temperatures that cause beer to freeze well before it can be consumed.

  3. wadE Avatar

    Alex, I like your thinking, but obviously baseball didn’t do that this year. Case in point: the Indians opened the year at home, after last years opening series was cancelled due to snow. :-\
    Chelle, I’m with you on this as well. Unless they go the Ralph Wilson stadium route with heated seats, there is no way I’ll be spending my December (and hopefully January) Sunday’s freezing to death watching the Vikes…

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