Steven Seagal is Hard to . . . Drink?!

This might just be what does it. I may have officially seen everything.

I present you with the officially branded Steven Seagal energy drink. Yes, you did read that correctly.

I\’m not quite sure what to say, and I\’m not particularly interested in learning more. And while Cherry Charge seems like a reasonable flavor, what exactly does he have canned up that he\’s calling Asian Experience? The mind boggles…

[Edit:] I know, I said I didn\’t want to know more, but I couldn\’t help myself. From the page that touts Mr. Seagal as an \”Energy Drink Formulator\”:

\”His album, Songs from the Crystal Cave, released earlier this year, has already hit the pop charts in Europe.\”

That sentence, in and of itself is comedy gold. However, I will admit that it led me to check out iTunes on Seagal\’s behalf… and honestly, his music isn\’t terrible. I know that\’s not a ringing endorsement, but I\’ve heard much worse. His voice is fine. The music at least feels authentic and not just canned pop. Check it out for yourself, if you\’d like…







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