Get Drunk for Charity!

Ok. Now that I have Wade A\’s attention. Kidding, I\’m kidding. Well, actually I\’m serious about the drinking. Check it out here (scroll down to \”Charity Wines\”).

There\’s so much goodness here that I don\’t quite know how to cover it. I guess I\’ll go with the old standby: the unordered list. We\’ll put that after the jump.

  • Is it just me, or does Vintage Papi look an awful lot like Mike Tyson from Punchout?
  • The less said about SauvignYooouuuk! the better. In fact, I already regret saying this much.
  • Of course, I\’ll say no such thing about Cabernet Glavingnon. Of course.
  • Is Homer Bailey the first minor leaguer to have his own wine? Can we get a ruling on this?
  • Why is Jose Reyes holding the ball like that? Come to think of it, I\’d rather not know.
  • I will register absolutely no shock at the fact that Dan Marino has his own wine. Hands fine enough to wear Isotoners look good holding a wine glass.
  • Bobby Hebert, on the other hand. Wow. I\’m assuming his wine really is equal parts red wine and tabasco sauce.

All right, that\’s enough of that. I poke the fun, but honestly I do think this is a good idea. It\’s for a number of good causes after all. Although I do have to admit, when I look at a lot of these athletes and add the words \”fine wine\”, it\’s hard not to think of it like this.







3 responses to “Get Drunk for Charity!”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    struck speechless, twice in the same day. my wife should be alerted. i’m curious why some of them have cromulent names and others are hacky and painful (i’m looking at you, schardonnay and cambernet).

    i, too, think this is a good idea, and am wondering if we need a simpleprop version. what would we call our vintages? sauvanhouse blanc? red zinfrasedel?

  2. alex Avatar

    Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boxed Wine?

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