worldwide leader in east-coast bias


that\’s correct– boston\’s backup first baseman missing the first two games of the season due to a sore neck qualifies as top news on i eagerly await the update on long reliever manny delcarmen, who apparently is a little tired after not getting to bed until late on sunday night.







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  1. alex Avatar

    Yeah, but you see they have a deadline in order to get the issue into print, and frequently the games and news from the west coast go later than this deadline, so– oh. Wait.

    Jokes aside, I’ll cut them a little slack. I can see how something pertaining to the first major league game of the season, which is happening in less than 24 hours, could be top news. God forbid we have to see David Ortiz in the field. 🙂

  2. anderswa Avatar

    i’ll buy that argument. i’m still hearing waaaay too much about j.d. drew’s back, though. oh, relatedly– this was a comment on’s baseball uber-chat yesterday:

    Nice to see the anti-Boston national media keeping things going now with the Red Sox. Anyone who would not predict Jacoby Ellsbury as the potential rookie valedictorian has either 1. not been paying attention or 2. knows nothing about baseball But this is not surprising coming from I’m still waiting for the pages and pages of Yankee hatred that all their mid-late 90’s juicing up should have brought against them on your site. All the juiced up Yanks helping win those championships was clearly a worse infraction than what the Patriots have been proven to have done. Yet, your writers still slam the Pats on a daily basis and you let the Yanks off scott free. Frankly, your national bias against all sports in Boston is nauseating.

    like keith law, i can’t tell if this person is joking or not.

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