commuter toss

wanna know why i don\’t like commuting?

read this.

points to note:

a) the dude did this in front of his kids. classy.

2) the dude drives a pickup. shocker.







4 responses to “commuter toss”

  1. wadE Avatar

    I hope they find him and arrest him on attempted murder charges… BTW – how could no one have taken the plate number… OR … how could the witnesses differ so much on their accounts of the incident? The lesson is… people suck… or is it “never try”… meh, both…

  2. anderswa Avatar


    um.. nevermind.

  3. wadE Avatar

    what is worth noting is that the original story was quite believable… and that it was someone in a pickup was just the clincher.

    the new story makes more sense, but the guy shouldn’t have gotten out of his pickup to yell at the woman. I know I’d be annoyed (and have been) at an idiot on the phone cutting me off; but that’s no excuse for approaching anyone on the road.

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