Wisconsin – More Than Cheese… Really!

Minnesota\’s lovely neighbor to the east has decided that it being a new year, it\’s time for a new slogan.

I thought I\’d try to give them a hand…

Wisconsin: Eat Cheese or Die
Wisconsin: Come Cut Our Cheese
Wisconsin: America\’s Sausageland
Wisconsin: We\’re below Superior
Wisconsin: Blaze Orange isn\’t a color, it\’s a state of mind
Wisconsin: Our accents aren\’t as bad as Chicago
Wisconsin: Every time you use margarine, a kitten dies
Wisconsin: Bears suck
Wisconsin: California produces more cheese than us
Wisconsin: Cubs suck
Wisconsin: Life\’s so … ack… my chest… thump
Wisconsin: Vikings Suck
Wisconsin: Home of Paint Thinner Drinkers Anonymous
Wisconsin: In Brett We Trust
Wisconsin: Home of the Ho-Chunk Nation
Wisconsin: The Bar\’s Open!







5 responses to “Wisconsin – More Than Cheese… Really!”

  1. alex Avatar

    *Warning, loud sounds…*
    Wisconsin: BadgerBadgerBadgerBadger Mushroom!

  2. ed Avatar

    Wisconsin: Beer Sales on Sunday. (bSOS)

  3. Amy Avatar

    Wisconsin: It’s not a Tomah!
    Wisconsin: Home of the “Before” shots (C’mon…how could you have forgotten that one from our stop in Menomonie on our way to Chicago?!?!?)

  4. anderswa Avatar

    Wisconsin: /barf

  5. Explosive Bombchelle Avatar

    – No shoes, No Shirts, No Problem
    – Home of the breakfast beer
    – Czech out our Poles and Sausages
    – Our Pabst Tests are Positive
    – All of Noah’s Ark without going to church

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