Hello, Nummelin

If only because this may amuse someone other than me…

Worth noting:

  1. The NHL really does a good job with putting highlights on its website. It\’s good to see there\’s at least one sport that\’s not afraid of the tubes.
  2. I\’ve been watching a lot more regular season hockey this year, for some reason, and I think that reason may be that the Wild is finally an interesting team. They can score, and they no longer play a system that can be best described as \’boring\’. They\’re not really Cup contenders based on how they\’ve fared against Detroit so far, but they\’re pretty good.
  3. For those of you who\’ve heard *me* rip off Seinfeld like in the above clip, it\’s worth noting that Matty and I started that years ago with Teppo Nummenin (if I\’ve spelled that wrong, so be it). The fact that it\’s stupid does not in any way reduce the enjoyment I got at hearing it announced last night.







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  1. alex Avatar

    Ok, I think I fixed the embed video problem… if I didn’t, this is the text that I had inserted for alternate viewing measures:
    [Advance editor’s note to list item #1 – apparently your mileage may vary with whether or not the video plays whilst embedded in this here post. If it doesn’t, click here and launch the video in a separate window. If it *still* doesn’t play, click on the game winning goal link. So while it may not fear the tubes, the NHL still has a bit to learn, it would seem.]

  2. anderswa Avatar

    what’s the verdict on the wild play-by-play guy? after watching the full highlights from nhl.tv, it sounds like he gets excited a lot. i’ve been spoiled by the austere doug mcleod and gary thorne.

  3. alex Avatar

    I think he’s solid. I mean, nobody’s Gary Thorne… but he’s got a good voice and doesn’t screw up much. He does get excited, but I like that in a hockey announcer.

  4. monkey Avatar

    I always feel a little sad when I come across Thorne announcing third-tier Bowl games.

    I really like item #2 above…

    Seems like the NHL is all for anything that gets fans exited and interested, and if that means more highlights on the web, cool by me.

    I’ve actually been watching a lot less hockey this year. Part of that is that I don’t have CenterIce this year, but somehow it’s just not capturing my attention. Plus I mostly have to watch Avs games except for what’s on OLN (sorry, Vs). Oh, and the Avs announcers are pretty terrible.

  5. ed Avatar

    that video is fantastic.

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