redneck desserts

so there was a restaurant (and i use the term loosely) named \”the blue horse saloon\” about five miles south of northfield in a subhamlet (?) called millersburg. prototypical small-town bar– lots of pennants, free popcorn, good burgers, lots of beer. also, it was attached to a convenience-type store called the millersburg store. it was a nice change-of-pace from the handful of drinking establishments in northfield proper, provided you had the ability to drive there (which wasn\’t often). i remember getting picked up by my cousins– former olaf students who introduced me to the place– and going there in \’97 to watch the gophers beat UCLA in the final four tournament.

but i digress.

back then, each year the blue horse made and handed out refrigerator magnets with their name, address, and phone number on it. we\’d happily swipe a dozen or so and plaster the beer fridges in our dorms with them. one year– back before wadE graduated, so probably \’97– we noticed something interesting on the magnet:

\”Millersburg [word] and Blue Horse Saloon\”

where [word] was something crossed out by a black marker. after about four seconds of investigation, it turns out the word was \”star.\” millersburg… star? and then we guessed it. whoever made the design request of the magnet company was a redneck!

(read aloud in redneck voice:)
\”ah yessir, we need us a new magnet. on the front it should say \’millersburg store and blue horse saloon.\’\”

all of that is a way too long-winded prelude to the image below, which i received from cool co-worker liz today:


i know it might be rigged (although snopes doesn\’t seem to render an opinion either way). however, i\’ve known enough rednecks in my life to understand that this is entirely possible. and really funny.







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