trade santana. and nathan.

provided we get a good return, i\’ve been an advocate for a santana trade for the past few weeks. (and, no, any package involving coco crisp is *not* a good return.) however, given today\’s news, i think it\’s imperative that we deal both johan and nathan– we\’re not going to contend for the AL Central for the next 3-5 years, so it\’s time to go young and deal for prospects.

check this lineup (and career OPS):

Granderson (.836)
Polanco (.766)
Sheffield (.919)
Cabrera (.930)
Ordonez (.892)
Rodriguez (.819)
Renteria (.756)
Casey (.816)
Thames (.798)


but wait, you say. they can drive in a lot of runs, but do they have a pitching staff to hold the lead? yes (and career WHIP)….

Verlander (1.23)
Willis (1.35)
Bonderman (1.37)
Rogers (1.39)
Robertson (1.41)

not as imposing as the lineup, perhaps, but certainly enough to become the favorite in the AL Central. for the next few years, at least. so, as a twins fan (and given the strength of the cleveland indians)– sell high, get prospects. that is your mission, billy smith.







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  1. alex Avatar

    Latest news says they probably won’t trade Santana. Could be a ploy to keep some kind of leverage, who knows. I agree that he needs to be traded, but *only* because we all know Pohlad is too damn cheap to pay Johan out of his own pocket. He’s a multi-billionaire, he could do it. He could say “this is your budget; don’t count Johan’s salary, I’m paying for that myself”. But he won’t. If the Twins just let Santana walk, they’ll get either one or two draft picks (I’m not sure on the number, it used to be two, now I think it might be just one), which in my opinion is inferior to getting next year’s starting CF (Ellsbury), a starting middle IF either next year or in 2009 (Lowrie), and yet another pitching prospect (Masterson), which was the latest Sox offer. But hey, I’m not in charge here, so who cares about my opinion. All I’m saying is that I don’t want to watch the Johan Santana farewell tour. Sign him long term, or let’s get some fresh blood in here.

  2. anderswa Avatar

    oh, wait. i just remembered that they are going to sub in jacque jones for marcus thames. that knocks them down a peg. 🙂

  3. alex Avatar

    You also forgot to swap in Carlos Guillen for Sean Casey. Shows how closely I paid attention the first time I read your post…

  4. anderswa Avatar

    i’m hurt, al.

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