Name That Whale!

Honestly, I wouldn\’t have expected Greenpeace to be so hip to the tubes.

They\’ve adopted a whale. They\’ve invited the internet to name it. Yes, typically that\’s what you\’d call a bad idea, but go easy on them – they did try so very hard. They took 11,000 submitted names and whittled the list down to 30. That\’s no mean feat. But they just couldn\’t resist temptation. 29 of the names were deep and meaningful, but that 30th name… they just had to let it slide in there.

Honestly, I\’m not trying to pre-bias anyone. You can cast your own vote right here. But I know you\’ll be able to tell who that 30th candidate is, in a classic Sesame Street \”One of these things is not like the other\” kind of way. And how could one possibly resist a name so charming?

So of course you know who\’s in the lead. Even despite some shenanigans. We\’ll have to check back on December the 7th to see if internet voting is as predictable as I think it is.







3 responses to “Name That Whale!”

  1. ed Avatar

    Reddit has a special Mr Splashy Pants header:

  2. wadE Avatar

    It got my vote!!!

  3. anderswa Avatar

    disappointed that “chevy chase” is not an option.

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