christmas is coming

having trouble coming up with gift ideas? does your list include people who a) love japanese culture and 2) are weird? do i have some ideas for you…

clicky-clicky. (SFW assuming people who sit around you aren\’t offended by plush dolls in the shape of poo.)

if you\’re looking for gifts for me, i\’m really liking:

#13 – golf putter with a golden penis on the tip
#10 – Japanese Scooby Doo-equivalent action figures, comprised of Sadslab, Baby Sauron, Raging Emo, Yellowturd and Soulglutton
and, of course,
#1 – Cock Bloc building block system







4 responses to “christmas is coming”

  1. alex Avatar

    I would like the gun that fires teddy bears plskthxbye.

  2. wadE Avatar

    I like the sled… seriously… did a sex toy factory order too many of these things and decided to rebrand them to sell to children…

  3. monkey Avatar

    ow… laughing… hurts

  4. sparklegirl Avatar

    I think you need to add these S&M kewpie dolls to the list:

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