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Here are two players\’ career stats (batting average, on base percentage, slugging percentage):

Player A:
Player B:

Player A is long-time Wade A favorite Jacque Jones.
Player B is Craig Monroe. The Twins just traded for him, which leads me to wonder why they\’d trade for a right handed Jacque Jones. Although I\’m sure he\’ll look great compared to Tyner in CF.

That said, as long as this isn\’t the *big* offseason acquisition, it\’s not an inherently bad move, as Monroe has hit for 20+ home runs the last four or so seasons.

The other news is that increasingly I\’m seeing that the two biggest free agent pitchers on the market are… drumroll please:

Carlos Silva.
Kyle Lohse.

I think the Twins could probably buy Belize with what they\’d get in return for trading Santana if those are the best other pitchers available. So I hope they\’re at least exploring the idea.







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  1. anderswa Avatar

    Player A (still Jacque): one strikeout every 4.8 at-bats

    Player B (still Monroe): one strikeout every 4.7 at-bats

    i’m with al; provided this is not the “showcase” move of the offseason, it seems pretty low-risk. i guess i’d rather have the twins focus on players that are on the upside of their career vs. players who were really good at some point in the past, but that’s probably a budgetary constraint that twins fans just have to live with.

    if nothing else, this allows me to yell “MONROE” at the t.v. a la ted knight in “Too Close for Comfort“.

  2. alex Avatar

    Latest news is that if they don’t sign Monroe to a deal for less than the 4+ Million he made last year that they’ll let him go by Dec 1 (and the Cubs will only get the PTBNL if the Twins sign him). So that makes the deal make even more sense.

  3. wadE Avatar

    that does make more sense… and yes, he is comparable to Jacque on a few levels. But also he would be platooning with Kubel and only facing lefties. I’m not opposed to the move.
    Wade, nice reference to Ted Knight… god rest his soul…

  4. alex Avatar

    wadE, in theory, yes on the platoon. However, I’m not entirely sure that Gardy knows what the word means. Basically, I’ll believe that when I see it. But it is a nice theory.

  5. wadE Avatar

    That does seem to be the prevailing thought (that Gardy doesn’t know the meaning of platoon), but what about Dusty Kielmohr? Was that not a platoon? And Gardy learned from TK, who didn’t have a problem with platooning (see: Pags & Leius … on second thought, don’t see Leius… it’s too scary)

  6. alex Avatar

    It wasn’t necessarily a pure platoon for the Kielmohr monster, as they both played all over the diamond (and Kielty is a switch-hitter), and by the end of the year they’d called up Cuddyer and *he* started in the playoffs. (Yes wadE, I know how much you hated that.) And since there are no other examples where Gardy has even come close to platooning, it’s safe to say that he may not know how to do it. However, aside from Jacque, it’s also hard to recall players for whom it makes sense to try a platoon – the Twins simply haven’t had a lot of qualified bats to choose from…

    So we’ll see.

  7. anderswa Avatar

    check out the Team Fielding sections for the twinks in 2006 and 2007. the only real “platoon” would be in left with lew, ro white, sexy stew, and kubes. but, as al alluded to, i think that was more due to injury and lack of talent vs. anything strategic on gardy’s part.

  8. wadE Avatar

    I guess I’m trying to find a good case against Gardy when it comes to platooning… innocent until proven guilty type of thing…

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