Ya know speaking of, it\’s about time for an annual viewing of Christmas Vacation, isn\’t it? But I digress:


I\’m a big fan of how they captioned that photo.

I\’m also a big fan of the related items links.

Just a little Monday laugh for y\’all. Enjoy.

P.S. Is this the Enquirer of the UK? Does anyone know?



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2 responses to “Squirrel!”

  1. wadE Avatar

    that’s great… the best part of that whole article is one of the comments at the end:
    Florida squirrels are like that…I have a couple for protection myself
    – Tristan, St. Pete, Florida, US

  2. Explosive Bombchelle Avatar

    On a slightly related note, seeing the title of this made me realize that I am reading the same way I am forced to talk in the house. I did not read the word Squirrel but spelled it out in my head S-Q-erril (as we call the little critters in our house) since Luna can’t spell (yet). We are forced to employ the same methods with Walk (w-a-l-k) and cookie (c double O k-i-e).

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