I don\’t really consider myself a programmer or a website designer. Sure, I know my way around HTML with some proficiency. I\’m capable of stealing and modifying code to suit my own purposes, and most of the time things go as planned. Still, I feel as though I take more of a scotch tape and spitballs approach to assembling websites overall.

Then again, I didn\’t expose the world to. . . this!

Oof. I think I gave myself a seizure when I looked at it the second time.

Edit: It could have been worse, I suppose; I don\’t see any blink tags.







7 responses to “Yikes.”

  1. jake Avatar

    Counted: 8 seconds to headache.

  2. wadE Avatar

    They have exceeded their bandwidth… I’m so … um… sad? … that I won’t get to enjoy their craptacularnessiosity.

  3. alex Avatar

    No shock, I suppose. I started seeing it pop up on Digg and Reddit, etc, as the ‘World’s Ugliest Website’… someday one of us will write something that gets Dugg, and then we’ll see how robust of a hosting package we’ve purchased ’round here.
    (Yeah, so probably not likely. Whatever.)

  4. alex Avatar

    Google’s cache of the site will give you the gist. And the business.

  5. Becca Avatar

    holy crap. off to find some tylenol.

  6. Brendan K Avatar
    Brendan K

    Here you go…http://www.dokimos.org/ajff/
    I like the post, hope you’re all well.

  7. Amy Avatar

    My eyes are bleeding.

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