dryer balls

i came home from work on monday evening to find the following sitting on my kitchen counter.

yes. i am now the proud owner of dryer balls. apparently my life will never be the same. i can make my towels fluffier with my dryer balls. i can save energy with my dryer balls. i can use my dryer balls over and over and over again and, apparently, they will last for years. my dryer balls are hypoallergenic. by dryer balls are safe. and natural.

i will look back upon november 5th and wonder in amazement about how i got by in life without dryer balls. one day i will put my grandchildren on my knee and tell them how my life changed once i had dryer balls. i plan on telling all of my friends the advantages of having dryer balls.

i encourage you all to get a pair.







7 responses to “dryer balls”

  1. alex Avatar

    Hmm. I’m surprised, I’d have figured that this would have been more up your alley.
    (I’m sorry.)

  2. wadE Avatar

    I figured the next step is for you to get a set of these for the grocery getter… er, crossover…


  3. alex Avatar

    I could have sworn we’d covered that subject here before… but I guess not.

  4. Mom Anderson Avatar
    Mom Anderson

    hmmmmmmm….how soon they forget…I always tried to make sure you had dryer balls honey…

  5. Becca Avatar

    Mom Anderson: Best. comment. ever

  6. Brian Scott Avatar

    “hmmmmmmm….how soon they forget…I always tried to make sure you had dryer balls honey…”

    Wow. Just… wow. Thank you.

  7. Explosive Bombchelle Avatar

    Wade, they have creams and sprays that help out too…

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