last supper

i was paging through people magazine the other day (don\’t ask) and found a review of a new book that detailed what famous chefs would select for their last meal. requests range from the light and simple (chips and guac– jonathan waxman) to classic (roast beef– gordon ramsay) to elegant (caviar, suckling pigs, truffles– gary danko).

all of which got me to thinking. if (let\’s face it: when) i get sentenced to death row, what would i choose for my final meal? hmmm.

keep in mind: i never claimed to be a foodie.

Super Tots
Artichoke Tarts (Sara\’s specialty)
Buffalo Wings (from Tailgate restaurant, 61st & Nicollet, Minneapolis)
White Castle cheeseburgers, one bag
McDonalds french fries
Cheryl-getti (my mom\’s spaghetti)
Double-decker supreme taco from T-Bell (2)
Vienna Fingers Blizzard from DQ








3 responses to “last supper”

  1. alex Avatar

    You forgot to add: Barf Bucket.
    Just give me a sausage pizza from George’s and call it a day.

  2. wadE Avatar

    no SPAM-lette Wade? I’ll have to think about this and get back to you…

  3. Explosive Bombchelle Avatar

    Spinach Dip
    Hot and Sour Soup from King House
    Sausage Pizza from Alfredo’s
    Wade’s Chili
    Mom’s Stuffing
    String Bean Casserole
    Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
    Caramel and Sprinkles Blizzard

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