Anderson plans \’1st\’ celebration

In honor of Wade\’s recent one year anniversary at his employer, and his asking why no one writes something like this about him, I whipped up an article to commemorate the occassion.


Apple Valley, USA — Xceptional Financial Services\’ (a wholly owned subsidiary of HealThyself Health Care) legendary Business Analyst manager Wade Anderson celebrated 1 year in charge at Xceptional on Tuesday and his hunger for business requirements shows no sign of abating.

The 31-year-old marked the landmark by waking up at 5 AM (Central Standard Time) to the sounds and sensation of his oldest child, S. Rae (3), jumping up and down on his bed singing \”Ring around the rosies, pocket full of posies…\”. He capped off the morning with a slice of toast and 3 cups of coffee before driving to work that morning to finalize preparation ahead of Wednesday\’s meeting with Xceptional\’s Legal Department over the upcoming rebranding of Xceptional to OptimalWellBeing Financial Services.
Victory at this meeting would see Xceptional solidfy their plan to execute the name change in March of 2008.
\”We have had our disappointments meeting with Legal during the past few months, but I really believe we are capable of going all the way,\” he said.

\”I\’m very positive we can win them over. I think this team can go far but there are certain things that have to fall in place, namely having a good strong squad by the time you get to March and of course I can\’t dictate that. You either have ducks in a row at important times or you don\’t.

\”The team members clearly want to do well in the meeting and if you are one of the best you naturally look to spell it out with meetings and requirements docs, otherwise you are in danger of ending your career as a nearly man. And I don\’t think a single Business Analyst wants that.

\”So am I just whistling in the dark? Talk comes cheap, I know, but I think we have built a platform that, with just a little bit of luck, will launch us on our way to capture this most elusive of rebranding launches.

\”We came close last year but fell at the penultimate hurdle when we ran out of steam.

\”But this year we are stronger and more experienced. There has always been great ability in our teams but this one is maturing fast and I am convinced the team members are ready to deliver.\”

As well as chasing Xceptional glory, Anderson hopes his HealThyselfHealth team can secure a SLA with their business partners after having wrestled the negotiating crown from his boss last season.

While his boss departed the building on a part time basis earlier this year, Anderson remains the longest-serving manager with a permanent office in the top-flight of Xceptional Business Analysts taking on HealThyself Health Care on November 6, 2006.

His first meeting in charge saw a defeat to Oxford Health and his first three months were marked by a lack of success that left the Norwegian under pressure for his job.

But a early 2007 win over Crystal Reports and victory in the Xceptional Executive Committee the following month kick-started his team\’s rush which also coincided with the start of a money-rich bonus system, backed by massive government deals.

Anderson nurtured young homegrown talent such as Nicole Whats-Her-Name, That Other Guy He Talked About at Scoreboards, Paul You-Know…Paul!, and the Neville brothers Aaron and Art provide the backbone of a team which dominated Xceptional Business Analysts in 2007.

Add the flair and artistry supplied by foreign imports such as That New Guy From India…Rajesh? and latterly The Asian Guy Who Came From Accounting, and Anderson\’s recipe for success has been enduring.

His most notable achievement came with the famous treble-winning side of June 2007 which gave Anderson his one and only success in the battle with IT and led to him being knighted later that year.

HealThyself\’s pre-eminence as the leading health plan in America has come under challenge intermittently from Blue Cross Blue Shield, who top the current standings from Humana, and big-spending Aetna, but Anderson\’s achievements remain unmatched.

His roll of honor stands at nine Executive Committee titles, five wastebasketball wins, two Happy Hour tab-picker-upper victories plus the Xceptional Business Analysts League, Xceptional Cup Drinkers Cup and Xceptional Super Drinkers Cup titles.

Before taking charge at HealThyself, Anderson established his reputation as a leading manager by guiding unheralded Royal Bank of Vancouver to be the darling of Wall Street.

But judging by his reaction to the Legal Deapartment\’s late equalizer at last month\’s meeting to deny Xceptional approval that would have taken them to the top of the table, Anderson shows no sign of resting on his considerable laurels.







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