Why Art Sucks (today)

Some people find Duchamp\’s Fountain to be a low moment in art, others find it to be pure genius and \”the most influential artwork of the 20th Century\”. Either way, it was one of many signals that \”art\” as most people knew is during the 19th century was changing.

I fall into the camp that doesn\’t find the display of a urinal signed (with a psuedonym) by an \”artist\” to be art. When art changed from focusing on what was created to focusing on the reason \”why\” an artist displayed something… they lost me.

What bothers me even more than this is Conceptual Art. And I found a local and recent example to illustrate my point.


The short version is that an artist has drawn a line on the ground that starts in an art gallery, and goes for two miles, and ends up down by the Mississippi River.

That\’s art folks! </Porky Pig>







3 responses to “Why Art Sucks (today)”

  1. alex Avatar

    Yeah, I don’t get it either. But hey, at least he’s out there doing something he enjoys. I can’t begrudge anyone for that.

  2. ed Avatar

    i want to go walk the line.

    no, i want to go hijack the line! sneak over there in the middle of the night and re-route the line to my house!

  3. anderswa Avatar

    to me, it wasn’t about changing focus from creation to creator. duchamp turned art from something that was pretty to look at to something that made the observer think.




    so, yes, i think some of the conceptual art “exhibits” are pretty hokey and dumb. but more interesting than an oil painting of a field in sunlight? yep.

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