Who Wants to be a President?

I\’ve been avoiding talking about the political landscape lately, even though I have plenty to say. Part of the problem is that I haven\’t had much time in general to devote to the site; that much should be obvious by my complete lack of content. Still, I couldn\’t stay quiet after reading the following article:

The Unknown Front Runner.

It says that if we consider all the candidates, and all their stances on all the issues, that 57% of all voters (emphasis mine) will be most compatible with Dennis Kucinich. It links a site (which I\’ll link below) where you can rate your position on issues (and weight their importance), and it\’ll tell you who\’s the best candidate for you. Yep, I ran it for myself. Yep, my top candidate was Kucinich. And it wasn\’t even close.

Much like the author of the initial article, I\’ve found myself being interested in what Ron Paul has to say lately, and like the author, found him to be lacking, but still interesting. After reading up a bit on Kucinich, I\’m prepared to say that I\’ll be registering for the primaries to support him. No question about it.

If you\’d like to take the candidate test for yourself, that link is right here:

Pick Your Candidate.

If you\’d like to check out Kucinich\’s campaign site, that\’s here.

Two bits of information in closing. Of the \”mainstream\” candidates, the highest ones listed for me were Obama and Clinton, pretty much in a dead heat, which is what I\’d expect. And I\’m going to go on record right now as saying that when the 2008 election finally does roll around, I\’m voting on the issues this time. Last time I voted for Kerry, even though he was a limp noodle, just because he wasn\’t Bush. This time I\’m voting with my conscience.

I\’ll have more to say as the months go along. Stay tuned.

P.S. If you take the test, please feel free to post your own results and opinions in the comments.







12 responses to “Who Wants to be a President?”

  1. jake Avatar

    aiight. i’m mainly apathetic when it comes to thinking about politics. I have my advisors when it comes to actually voting, but i wasn’t surprised to see Kucinich at the top of my list, but i was surprised to see Clinton tied with him.

  2. Brian Scott Avatar

    I had Kucinich in the top as well which makes me a bit suspicious of the site. Although Ron Paul was at the bottom which makes sense. I could not be more opposite of Ron Paul on just about every issue.

  3. alex Avatar

    Yeah, Paul is way low on my list too, and I disagree with him on so many of his positions. But the thing is… he’s out there, clearly stating his positions, and backing up his statements. Consistently. The other candidates (at least from what I’ve seen on the TV so far) are engaging in the typical BS as usual, cover your ass at all costs, brand of politics that I find basically loathsome. I would be ok with a Hillary presidency, but not enthusiastic about it. I’m genuinely engaged by a candidate with a no nonsense approach, even if I disagree with someone like Ron Paul. The other thing is, he actually comes across as earnest. Like he wants to do things that he feels is right for America. I contrast this with say Giuliani and Thompson, who seem largely disdainful of the whole process, and just interested in browbeating the public into continuing down the same path we’ve been on.
    It’s hard to be apathetic, cynical, and yet deeply curious all at the same time, which is how I feel about the political landscape. I want to see how it all turns out, and I want to hope for the best for my country, but man… just look at all the crap out there.

  4. Explosive Bombchelle Avatar

    It’s a tie…
    Giuliani 19
    Kucinich 19

    What I love is the importance factor of “meh.” did you write the site Alex?

  5. alex Avatar

    Wow Michelle. 19? Must have been a lot of “Meh”s in there. Naturally, I approve. 🙂

  6. Becca Avatar

    Kucinich 39
    Richardson/Clinton/Obama 21

    If every one of us had Kucinich first does that maybe make you question the site just a little?

    I’m struggling with Obama. Reading Audacity of Hope made me really, really, really want to believe. In real life he’s done some things that are consistent with those beliefs and some that just seem the usual political slime. The question is how much of the ‘usual’ is because he’s no diff than other politicians and how much is just because the way the system works right now gives him no other choice.

    I’m still hoping…..

  7. Bounce Avatar

    I too am suspicious of the site. However, here are my results:

    Kucinich 44
    Gravel (?!) 40
    Richardson 28

    I have to admit that I had to look up to Gravel was and the only one of these I’d consider voting for is Richardson…

  8. Becca Avatar

    Gravel actually came in second for me too. I’d never heard of him (thought it was a joke?) so I left him off.

  9. monkey Avatar

    A related yet unrelated article about choosing green means choosing a green leader. At the very least, it’s an antidote to “my vote doesn’t matter” kind of thinking.

    A question, partly for Alex, partly for all: Does MN still do its primary by caucus? Do you have to take 1-3 days off work in order to participate or can you just mail in a ballot? I need to find out how CO does it. I read up on Kucinich last time around before IA&NH, realized he was the guy I wanted to have win, and realized it would never happen and that *I didn’t have a voice in the matter*. I think at this point, “cynical” deeply outweighs “apathetic” and “curious” for me…

  10. alex Avatar

    I may have to recant my position on being ok with a Hillary regime. I was just assuming that she was middle-of-the-pack Dem, and not so much like this. So we’ll have to see. I may end up writing in Monty Brewster on my ballot after all.

  11. Explosive Bombchelle Avatar

    Yes, I did have a lot of “mehs.” I have an opinion on every issue, however, I find that I need to focus my energies on a few key areas of concern in order to actually make the difference in the world that my one vote can make. Perhaps it is my political background, or perhaps it is just indicative of a world that does not give me enough time to be well read on every topic so I concentrate on the ones that really matter to me.

  12. wadE Avatar

    You know, I would normally completely discount Kucinich as a viable candidate because he comes off as such a goon… but we’ve dealt with the Shrub for nearly 8 years now, and he’s no less a goon. But with the modern media (really, post WWII, with 1960 being the moment it was cemented) the presidential (and primary) race has been more of a beauty pagent than anything else.

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